Data export for e-catalogs

Easily configure Excel exports and make them available to trading partners

One of the most important tasks in digital product communication is the provision of data for online catalogs, shops, external systems, retail partners and portals. For this purpose, electronic catalogs with a customer-specific assortment and a price list are created in the crossbase database. The mapping of the fields to the contents in the database can be defined individually depending on the format or classification.


Excel export

The Excel export is done in two steps. First, a template is created and the required content is defined. The second step is the export. Several options are available for this purpose, for example, exporting the items based on a previously defined assortment or an item list.

Additional features

Additional functions are available, such as filling the template of a trading partner with its item numbers, a completion of columns or rows of an already existing Excel file, etc.

Standard classifications

The classifications ECLASS, ECLASS advanced, ETIM, ETIM MC and UNSPSC are fully supported by crossbase. The classification import allows the partial import of relevant subject areas. After the import, the products can be classified. As the product contents managed by the manufacturer do not necessarily correspond to these standard classifications, crossbase allows the characteristics and catalog groups to be matched using "classification mapping".

Flexibly extend XML formats

The crossbase database is easily extendable with individual XML formats. For this purpose, an export corresponding to the specifications is derived from XML structures. The data export can be performed manually or automatically at defined times. These settings can be saved in an export configuration. The result is an XML file and a file directory with the media files.

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