With crossbase, we were able to replace the old system - just in time for the 100th anniversary - and at the same time decentralize the processes and improve the data quality. We can now fully integrate all web, e-commerce and print requirements into one system.

Oliver Gnann-Geiger
Marketing manager, FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH

Böblingen, 15.10.2022: FLEX power tools was founded in 1922. FLEX wrote history in the industry with its 1954 first high-speed angle grinder, the DL 9. The brand name FLEX is still used colloquially by users today for angle grinders - "flexing" for cut-off grinding. The company, which is part of the Chervon Group, has subsidiaries/sister companies in France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and the Czech Republic.


Central functions of the solution

Product Information Management and interface to the Oracle ERP system

Based on the crossbase standard software, a PIM, MAM and cross-media solution was implemented for FLEX, the existing PIM system being replaced and the data migrated accordingly. The items together with their master data are continuously imported via a standard interface to the ERP system. In crossbase, the newly imported items are classified into a product structure. Technical characteristics, including basic characteristics and product group-specific characteristics, as well as product relationships are maintained additionally, e.g. Delivery contents, accessories and spare parts.

Media asset management

The media elements, including product photos, application photos, detail photos, pictograms, drawings, operating instructions, videos are managed in the integrated MAM according to product or publication. The image conversion integrated into crossbase allows for an automatic preparation for print and internet (jpg, webp, svg etc.). The texts, including product description and marketing designation, are entered as continuous text or generated from text modules and features. The content is translated into 17 languages.

Data maintenance and translation process

More than 15 people from marketing, product management, media production and translation management are involved in the process according to a finely tuned authorization system. Data maintenance is supported by workflow tasks and reporting. Translation takes place in the various countries. For this purpose, translation jobs are created, which the employees in the countries can translate, check and approve directly in the database using the web interface. This way, the translation progress can be tracked directly.

Channel Output Management for print, website and e-commerce

In order to be able to use products in the printed catalogs, e-catalogs (BMEcat / ETIM, nexmart, Excel) and in the online media in all countries, marketing-specific product views and assortments are maintained for the corresponding sales channels. The data sheets and price lists are produced supported by the database and automated with the help of the crossbase print engine and Adobe InDesign.

For the online media and the media portal, the data is provided using a REST API. Based on this, partner 21TORR has created an appealing application with the Prismic CMS. The focus is on an application-based product and service world, intuitive user guidance, proximity to the target groups, and a strategy which puts mobile first. Further information about the partner:

The application modules and further information

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